Future Trend of Data Visualisation

During a video report on data visualisation, Geoff McGhee gives a brief description of the current trend of journalism, “Journalists are coping with the rising information flood by borrowing data visualisation techniques from computer scientists, researchers and artists.”

Many businesses utilise data visualisation as a method to analyse, evaluate, and communicate information in the Web 1.0. When digital journalism started to emerge, Infographics began to become popular in journalism: news media use techniques such as infographics and data visualisation to convey complex stories.

Examples such as The Guardian and The Sydney Morning Herald, which utilise data visualisation to interact with audiences, support news articles and attract interest from the general public through the readable and interactive news.


In the article by Marisa Krystian, she gives a brief of the future trend of data visualisation, “The data visualisation landscape is constantly in flux, shifting under the pressure of new technologies, big data, and political climates.” And she also mentioned a few significant trends of data visualisation.

Firstly, more ‘snackable’ visualisation contents are now started to appears on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. One example is Mona Chalabi, a data editor at Guardian US. She tried to use Instagram to “hook someone into learning more”. And journalism should use these digital platforms to adapt themselves to fit in the trend.

屏幕快照 2017-05-31 上午5.25.02.png

Secondly, big data will become more approachable. As there are more and more organisations collecting and analysing data sets, there will be more tools and databases ready for journalists and the public to use.

Thirdly and most importantly, data visualisation will significantly improve the transparency and credibility of news reports. The communication between journalists and audiences will be more authentic and effective as they can now understand each other more due to the transparency in data sources. And the use of data will push for the accuracy and truth in journalism.

The goal of data visualisation is to move people to see things they haven’t seen before. Charts and text alone don’t do it but marrying the two together is crucial. 



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