Benefits of Data Visualization

Presentation of data by a graphical format or pictorial is data visualization. Creating visuals of data is beneficial to simplify complex information and provide more visualized explanation because human thinking are easily to understand direct information. Thus, one advantage of data visualization is that it leads to communicate information more efficient and simple. In addition, this technology can show that how decision makers analyse and collate data.

Data visualization may be interactive or static. People have been using static data visualization such as maps and charts. Compared with those data, Interactive data visualization has a different function.  It can help users to know more details about those graphs and charts by using computers and mobile phones. They can interactively change data which they see.

Recent years, more and more companies have been invested in the technology of data visualization including Interactive Data Visualization and Static Data Visualization. It has been a new businesses opportunity.

A good example of Interactive Data Visualization is ‘U.S. Thanksgiving on Google Flights‘. The day before Thanksgiving, Google Trends tracked flights across the United States. It likes a movie, showing flights moving around the America with time changing. Without any numbers to explain, which times for flights are more popular are easily seen by readers.

Caritas Kontakladen Annual Report is an example for Static Data Visualization. In Caritas Kontakladen’s annual report, designer Marion Luttenberger used a unique method to show information. For instance, a shopping cart visualization shows the life’s necessities which can be afforded for a welfare recipient every day.



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