What can Data Visualization bring to us?

            In today’s society, people not only appreciate the role that the media plays in educating, informing and entertaining the public but also understand the power that it holds. As a result, people have become keener on what the media reports to the extent that they question every broadcast and evaluate its authenticity. Today’s society is made up of an audience that questions almost every bit of information. As a result, the media has had to adopt and come up with ways of validating sensitive information and this has resulted in the introduction of data visualizations.1

            Data visualization mainly incorporates figures such as graphs, charts, maps and cartoons as a means of conveying added information relating to a broadcast. Through it, broadcasts are able to inform the audience more about complex stories and provide additional information that helps them to create a better understanding and ensure that they receive the intended message from the communication. Data visualization also helps in creating a visual demonstration of what a broadcast is all about without having to go into great detail as would be the case when using words or audio.  The visualizations create a vivid image that helps the audience to better understand what the broadcast is trying to communicate.


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