Applying data visualization into case studies

       The visualization of data is the foundation and distinctive feature of data journalism. In the fast-growing technology circumstance,using visualized infographics to tell story could take a direct and scientific feeling for audience.  More specifically, credible and scientific visualized graphs or infographics, including diagrams, charts, and maps, could attract the readers’ eyesight effectively, and transform something abstract and complicated into something easy and clear to understand. Here are two case studies that applies data visualization into their projects that absolutely illustrate it.

A Disappearing Planet

      Without action to protect biodiversity at a time pf disappearing habitats and increased poaching, many animals are on the verge of extinction. So paying much attention to animal extinction is extremely urgent. The Propublica, an independent newsroom that focus on journalism in the public interest, managed a data research about this issue and record the extinction rates of animal species around the world. On the “A Disappearing Planet” section homepage, people can discover the percentage of every animal specie at risk of distinction and use red color to highlight the number. Because of the sound data and visualized graphs, the problem of animal extinction can raise the public concern.

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The Airbnb effect

        Airbnb, which is a trusted community marketplace for people to discover and book unique accommodation around the world. Over the few years, since the first-class customer service and ever-increasing users, Airbnb has exerted global effects on hotel markets and housing industry, especially for some big cities. The San Francisco Chronicle ever organized a research on Airbnb effect in 2015, evaluating and predicting Airbnb’s growth in San Francisco .

      In the research, total listings and cost, length and frequency of rentals has been analyzed through visualized charts and maps. Because of the visualized data and statistics, The San Francisco Chronicle can explain the Airbnb effect to the public in a powerful and credible way.


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