The features of data journalism

Data journalism looks like a new strategy, but it has been used many years. The first example of using data journalism is about the predicting the outcome with a mainframe computer of presidential election in 1952.

Data journalism includes six main Areas covered such as Computer assisted reporting, Infographics, Data visualization, Interactive visualization, Database journalism.

For example, Computer-assisted reporting is that journalists and other people gather and analyze the information to editor news through computers.  Infographics are that complex knowledge, information and data are presented through graphic visual,  this method is beneficial to understand information by readers more easily.
Data can be the resource for data journalism. An example is Las Vegas Sun’s 2010 Do No Harm series on hospital care. Journalists analysed  2.9 million records and 3600 cases in hospital to provide clear data for readers. It obtained a real impact which is six pieces of legislation by Nevada legislature.



Data also can be the tool to find a story.

Such as “Murder Mysteries” project of the Scripps Howard News ServiceTom Hargrove built a demographically-detailed database which focuses on 185,000 unsolved murders, after that he designed a model to present the possible presence of serial killers.

Thus, data is method to improve the developments of journalism and an opportunity for journalists. For the one hand, journalists can through a great deal of data information to predict the tendency of developing something and check the truth of information. For the other hand, it can transfer abstract information to something which people can understand.


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