What is Data Journalism?

 The media has undergone various developments throughout history as a way of ensuring that its broadcasts are well received and understood by the target audience. These advancements have created a culture where the audience is no longer passive but actively involved in the broadcasts through their input and suggestions of how best to meet their needs. In order to incorporate the evolution of media broadcasts, data journalism has created an ideal platform where broadcasts are more interesting and more engaging with the audience.

1 Rather than just presenting a broadcast, the media has gone a step further to ensure that complex messages that are being broadcasted are broken down and disseminated in ways that are easier for the audience to understand. Data journalism also incorporates various features such as political cartoons, info graphics and news games as a way of making broadcast more interesting and more engaging to the audience. In doing so, the media is able to discuss issues such as politics, world events and other emerging issues within society in a way that is well received and thus encouraging the audience to debate on them. Through data journalism, the audiences are not just receptors but also play a part in ensuring the message broadcasted has an impact on society.


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