A wonderful example of data journalism: Development Initiatives



Data journalism in its simplest term is using the data to craft a news story. Actually, data journalism is a new form of storytelling in the fast-changing and emerging media time. What’ more, data journalism is to be considered as the ability to collect, managing and analyze massive data and to know how to craft a story is by a huge influx of data and correctly to illustrate the data.屏幕快照 2017-06-02 下午5.02.38

Development Initiatives, which is an international development organization that applies themselves to keep the sustainable development and commit to ending poverty in the world. It is worthy to mention that data is the core force of the organization and plays the most essential role in the whole process. In the organization, data is the most key part to explain the seriousness of poverty problem around the word. DI have been working to improve data use for sustainable development is about helping people make the most use of data to bridge the wealth gap and finally deal with poverty in the world.

Additionally, The Development Data Hub is the organization’ special and key department, which is devoted to making more people to attach the importance to data, breaking down barriers to data use, and enhancing data availability and transparency.

By data using, DI has successfully made great progress in a wide range of areas in the world. For example, organizing data revolution in Nepal, recording disasters and stimulating domestic revenue in Kenya, building partnerships to reduce poverty.

屏幕快照 2017-06-02 下午5.08.49


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