The impacts of Media and News Platforms

Today, meida usually report that using internet and social media increases the risks of withdrawal, isolation and alienation. However, for our lives, the popularity of social media is beneficial to increase civic engagement, sociability and the intensity of family and friendship relationships.

According to much research, social media possesses can promote people to partcipate in public activities and engagement the process of democratizing public life when they live in a networked world.

For the one hand, in today, the internet and social media are both as the power methods to mobilize people. Some websites use pictures and words to deepen, harden or affirm the original emotions of users. Through this way, those websites has played an inportant role in recently outbreaks of social protese and resistance. For instance, The mushrooming of Occupy protests, the Arab Spring, the social media provide significant assistance for the mobilization of resistance which against the Government of the Ukraine or in Hong Kong.


On the other hand, one of the most important affect of network is that it has huge influence for the lives of teenagers such as the online dating and online language. More and more men and women are to communicate with stangers and built a relationship on online because the social media can provides more alternative people and their details for users. In addition, the interaction between the virtual and the real is a new situation in contemporary live style for teenagers.

Moreover, the evoluion of texting and online communication is a interesting feature to promot the development of the culture. Some new rituals and symbols have been created by young people for convenient communication.



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