Why Digital audiences effect media?

2Over the years, people have relied on the media for various purposes among which are information, education and entertainment. While the media has served its purpose well, there was a hindrance in the form of communication that existed between the media and its audience. This was especially due to the fact that communication was one way. While the media could reach the audience through various channels such as radio, television and newspapers, to mention a few, there were very few avenues that the audience could use to communicate with the media. However, this challenge has been resolved by the advancement of technology that has paved the way for digital audiences.1

Technology has allowed a system where the audience can interact directly with the media even during live broadcasts. With the use of social media, for example, the audience can weigh in on issues being discussed, give suggestions, issue complaints and engage the media on other reasons whenever necessary. As a result, the audiences are no longer passive but are now considered to be part of the broadcasting experience and are often considered and their interests factored into every broadcast. Through digital audiences, the media is able to identify what the audience want and incorporate this into their broadcasts to make them more appealing.


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