Representative Characteristics of Digital audience



Understanding and developing your audience is key to success in the digital world. As a result, deep understanding some typical characteristics of the digital audience is much essential. There are various characteristics of the digital audience, such as participatory, interactive, peer–to-peer, creating communities, networked and diversity.  Today,we just analyze the two from these characteristics. 

  • Participatory

Digital audiences tend to participate in creating and spreading news stories, real-time publishing incidents with words description, photos uploading and video recording. However, in the broadcast era, traditional audiences just play a passive role in the process of news production because they can only receive the information via mass media. Compared with professional media, each modern digital audience can be a news reporter and generate some newsworthy content via internet. Over the few years, the traditional one-to-many delivery model has changed to many-to-many communication model. Digital audience have their own ability, right and platforms to create the latest news

  • Interactive


Apart form this, most of the net users are likely to share, comment, reuse and active engagement with content, which have shaped a many-to-many delivery model and encouraged interactivity culture. Traditional audiences know little about sharing interesting and meaningful news, commenting and even discussing the content immediately. Fortunately, thanks to technological developments, there is enough interaction between content producers and audience. Today, digital audience can express their views and attitudes and   discuss some topics with other readers or content producers at any time and any places.





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