Week 8 Fan Culture And Copyright

According to online lecture and related example on Moodle. I have known about “Scanlation”. Lee (2009) defined scanlation as a phenomenon that enthusiastic fans scan  comic titles, translate them from Japanese to another languages and publish them online for free. This behavior makes more overseas fans see Japanese comics faster and more easily, but it can not be ignored that this behaviour may involve copyright issues at the same time.

Another fan culture similar to scanlation is fans subtitle group, or known as “Fansubs”.It is a phenomenon that a group of people volunteered to gather, translate movies and TV series and add other language subtitles. To publish a fansub video is not a simple process. According to Hatcher (2007), it takes a lot of steps to complete this work, such as raw acquisition, translation, timing, editing, typesetting, quality control, encoding and distribution.Fans groups do these things without any benefits aim, it is very rare, but it does not change the fact- their behaviour is illegal.

Some media platforms, such as youtube, always try to manage fansubs phenomenon, I found that when the fansubs works uploaded to youtube, about a few hours will be youtube automatically deleted. This may cause inconvenience to fans who want to see foreign language works, but it is a good measure to respect the copyright.

屏幕快照 2017-06-02 上午12.50.30

A Chinese Music Video with Fans-made Vietnam Subtitles Has Delated by Youtube


There are some fans, took more serious consequences because of making fansubs. In September of last year, two Chinese fansubs group members were arrested in Japan. The police in Kyoto, Japan claimed that these two fans have confessed to uploading and publishing Japanese animes on the Internet, which violated the country’s national Copyright Law.


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