The Role of Media and News Platforms in Electoral Politics


Do you pay much attention on Facebook or Twitter? Have you made comments on the political issues?

Nowadays,it’s difficult to measure the precise impact of Facebook and other social media platforms on international election system, however, political experts and academics find it hard to deny that Facebook’s global influence is powerful since almost a quarter of people on the world has Facebook accounts.dcd5494c863e2bbd5d380005961ae7a8

With the advent of the diverse media platforms, the media platforms have inherited the role the traditional media on the electoral politics. To a large extent, the mode, process and trend of electoral political activities were changed by Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. The interaction between the candidate and the voters is increasing, and the direct effect of this two-way exchange is that the voters have the opportunity to participate directly in the electoral political activities. On the one hand, the interactive effects that online political expression have increased their interaction and communication. On the other hand, the impartiality of electoral activities has also been guaranteed.

080856zc7xz2sy2dxu6yf6While the fact, not surprisingly, has found that the mounting evidence of positive impacts, it also revealed that news platform can have a negative effect on election system.

USA President Obama made a speech during the general election, accusing Facebook and other social media platforms from spreading false news. The US presidential election has thrust Facebook and other media platforms into the spotlight in the digital age, and what’ more, a large number of leaders, advocates and ethnic groups around the world have been facing a lot of false network information and abuse, and they have created the adverse political influence on the real world. Over the years, social networks have largely failed to curb false information. Some conservative governments have closed a number of websites, calling them to spread fake news.  Over the years, Facebook, Google and some other media platforms have not begun to take effective measures to curb this trend.



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