What Is The Best Media Platform?

The news industry is one of the most trusted sources of information on current events. Furthermore, television and newspapers are still reliable media platforms. For instance, in a recent Pew research, the studies indicate that there has been a significant decline in newspaper circulation by 7% since 2010 (Mitchell & Holcomb, 2016).1.jpg

Moreover, platforms such as the television, have recorded a decrease in viewership due to the development of digital media platforms. Although cable and network TV have experienced increased revenue, their broad public exposed to digital platforms have resulted in the development of online newspapers, blogs, and websites. In the U.S, the presidential primary led to an 8% increase in television viewership.

However, after the primaries, most Americans turned away from cable or satellite TV subscriptions. Currently, the digital audience is expanding to include podcasts, social media, mobile apps and email newsletters.


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