Low Quality On Social Media Posts

Social media has become important, so the number of journalists who use digital media to report news have increased. However, at the same time, the reliability of the social media posts is suspected. In order to obtained a wide responses of readers, journalists uses a lot interesting topic but low quality news.


Journalists do less fact-checking when they report news on online. Nearly 33% of journalists believe that the social media posts are not creditable, but 50% of them still use those posts as the main source of information.

A new motto is  ‘publish first, correct if necessary’. There are only 20% of journalists who check their news before publishing on social media. Many journalists think that quick publishing posts is more important than checking the facts. Generally, they publish the news at first, then they will change the content if it leads to something negative effacts.

In addition, the journalists rules on social media lacks supervision compared with traditional media. Thus, sharing private opinion of journalists has become a popular on online.

Moreover, journalists pay more attention to the click rate, than caring the quality of posts. For example, they choose and use those exaggerated titles to attract the audiences.

According to the current social media environment, propagating right rules to improve the reliability of social media posts is necessary, for example, emphasizing the importance of fact-checking and reducing the expressing the personal view of jouranlists. Furthermore, traditional media and social media should have the same platform of rules and regulations on journalists.



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