Week 7 UGC and Digital News Platform

Following the development of technology, a wide variety of digital devices are used in daily life of people. According to content of this week’s online lecture. I found that people would use different digital devices in different time periods and occasions. For example, most people choose to use computer during working time. But at other times, people prefer to use portable devices to read news. Due to the change of people’s reading habit, traditional media have to face to impacts and challenges caused by digital media and journalists have to provide news content which is multiplatform-friendly.

UC News is a digital news platform which provide services to both PC and mobile devices. It is the first batch of media platform, which provide cross-platform news in China. Today, UC News even provides news content in Indonesia. UC News has it own news website, news plugin in mobile browser apps, mobile-friendly website  and news apps of both Apple and Android. In Addition, UC News Indonesia even publishes news content on YouTube. From a technical level, UC News can be seen as an excellent digital news platform. However, it also has many problems that can not be ignored.

UC News on Different Platforms

The problem is the authenticity of the news on UC News are not guaranteed. The reason for this problem is because UC News allows users and self-media to upload news content to the platform, but UC does not supervise them effectively and seriously.

In my view, although UGC provide a new source to journalism and increase interactivity to readers, but also make the news environment complicated and chaotic. Therefore, News platform should strengthen supervision, and readers like us should also learn to identify the authenticity of the news in this digital generation.


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