The history of China’s social media

The history of the Internet is entwined with the history of human communication. From the emergency of e-mail in the 1970s to various APPS and visual websites in modern life, the historical development of “WWW” is closely linked with human development.

damndigital_a-history-of-social-media_cn_cover_2012-12-06China’s social media has changed the means of communicating with others, more and more Chinese people begin to use social media and spend much time in social media. Actually, the development of social media in China in the Web2.0 era has experienced a wide range of stages. And China’s social media development can be divided into three main stages:

A. Early social network – BBS era

Social network originates from BBS in the Web1.0 era. BBS is a point-to-face communication. May 1994, China’s first forum, the dawn of BBS, was established.  The creation of the forum opened a new interactive platform, which can let the general public use the forum and communicate with strangers. End of the World, Mop, West Temple are all typical BBS during that time.1-131114093502F2

B. Leisure and entertainment social network era

Social networking has made considerable progress by leisure and entertainment industry. In 2004, social networking officially entered the Web2.0 era with the emergency of Facebook. Impacted by the development of international social media, there are many social networking products have emerged in China, including video sharing, SNS community and so on. Renren set up in 2005 and Happy set up in 2008 both made a landmark progress about the Chinese social network.

C. Micro-information social network era

August 2009, Sina launched microblog products, which only included 140 words of instant messages, pictures, video and other multimedia means. The function of forwarding and commenting makes this product quickly popular in China. This model has taken the social network into public’ vision.



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