Technology affects consumption model of culture

Letter and newspaper were two main modes of transmission before developing internet. Thus, because transfering information was limited by region and time, the distant and spread of cultural communication was confined and slow.

Today, through facebook, instagram or weibo users can share information by anywhere and anytime. Therefore, the consumption pattern of culture has changed in the internet age. with an increasing number people, especially young people, who trends to stay at home can download or stream  information on online.

Gary Vaynerchuk says that social media is “the single most important thing in the world”.

16722810_421482878188459_7301550489193949943_o-1030x592Due to the enormous users in internet, social media has more influence than traditional media. Therefore, more creators choose the online publishing as the main method to propagate their products such as music, photograph and films. On the one hand, it can bring a high income job. on the other hand, it can also obtain the effective publicity effect propagate in the short time.

For the publishers, they can immediately update and recall information. A better customer service can be achieved by technology.  for example, it can improve audience engagement and generate innovative ideas.

Facing the developing technology, Bruce Daisley, EMEA Vice President of Twitter
reiterated that “practical steps to create your individual voice.” through social platfotms is the main challenge.

For the audiences, internet provides the opportunity to immediately and unprecedentedly access the culture. In addition, they can choose product by their hobby, for instance,  world news, latest celebrity gossip or just a picture of your cat.



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