The history of Internet in China and its impacts on literature

The Internet is considered to be a young technology in China because it did not occur until several decades ago.

China Academic Network (CANET) is the first computer network in China aiming at helping academic and research support in computer science, which was set up in 1987. After the establishment of the CANET, some Chinese networks were established. However, shared-direct international Internet connections were not available among these early networks until March 1993. Although more and more networks could be connected to the Internet directly in the following years, most of these networks operated basically for academic and research purposes. By the mid of 1995, this situation started to change that Internet accounts from ChinaNET can be bought directly by individuals.


China’s Internet has developed rapidly with the commercialization of Internet services and the stimulation of the Golden Projects factor. In addition to the significant growth in the number of users, the functions of Internet has broadened. The Internet has brought much convenient for users, for example, it provides opportunities to search for useful information, watch videos, chat online as well as shop online.

The development of Internet has changed literature significantly. The vigorous growth of the online literature has a profound impact on the contemporary Chinese culture. It threats the traditional print literature. It challenges the long-standing position and authority of elite writers and cultural intellectuals.


Although online literature emerged only two decades ago, it has been widely accepted nowadays. It provides a wider platform for readers to read novels. It also provides more opportunities for amateur writers. This means everyone who is keen on writing could write their stories online. Therefore, the online literature has become the eye-catcher landscape of literature.


The Internet in China has a short history, but it is developing rapidly over the past decade. It brings a huge change in people’s daily life which affects Chinese culture significantly.



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