Week 6 The History of The Internet And Geotagging Used in Weibo

In this week, the history of  the internet has been introduced by online lecture. From 1967, Larry Roberts organized discussions on the ARPANET design, and for the next two decades, the networks were mainly used in serious areas such as academia and military. Until the nineties, the network was widely used in daily life among the ordinary people. In the next 20 years, different companies have launched more and more optimised browser, such as Safari by Apple and Chrome by Google.

Following the development of internet technology, the generation of Web 1.0 has been changed to Web 2.0. According to my understanding, Web 1.0, is based on the browser, the user can obtain content via the browser; and Web2.0 is based on Web 1.0, and increase user interaction, the user is both the network information receivers, but also the network content manufacturers. As a result, more and more social platforms have emerged, especially in China, with a population of 1.4 billion, there are so many social media  platform in different forms and used by a large number of users. For example, Sina Weibo can be seen as one of the most popular social platforms in China. According to a news from BBC (Twitter user numbers overtaken by China’s Sina Weibo), “Weibo has 340 million active monthly users…About 154 million people use the site daily.”

I am also a Weibo user, geotagging function has been in Weibo for several years. This function is very useful, and I guess it will still be a trend in the next few years. Here I use a few screenshots to briefly introduce the geographical location function applied in Weibo.

1. “Discover” function allows users to search for nearby users.

2. By searching and using a tag with a location, users can see and share posts from/to other users who have visited these places.

3.When you search for place names + 旅行(Travel), or turn on location services on Weibo, the system will recommend flight tickets, local attractions and hotels.


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