the Innovation about Business Model of New Media

19300001338456131339201169760_950The new media,which is represented by the network and mobile phones and is vastly different from the newspaper, television and other traditional media, is rather popular in modern life . It provides a platform to the audience and online users can express their views or meet the same personality in this platform.

The new media has its own flexible advantage. Because it is interactive with the audience,which is different from the one-way transmission in the traditional media era.

 The commercial advantage of new media is complex. Firstly,the secret of the new media development is the innovation about business model. Most of the traditional media actually lies in the “product & platform” business model. While the new media can achieve the “product & platform & community” business model. Besides, as you increase the time of searching, the background of the site would collect the data, which can analysis your approximate age, consumption preference and so on. As a result, digging the logic of data, and analyze their product marketing strategies, then enhance the consumer experience, improve the efficiency and quality of information transmission, finally, the “precision” has become an important feature of the network marketing.

downloadThe biggest advantage of the new media is that it can help companies significantly reduce the cost of interaction with consumers. More importantly, the two-way interaction between enterprises and consumers that not only could reduce the cost of communication, but also can enclose the relationship between the two in the further development. Therefore, the new media build a bridge between the manufacturers, products and consumers and the new media is both a new medium and a new channel.

It is difficult to develop independently for either the new media or traditional media in today’s society, which combines technology, business, terminal, market and industrial integration. In order to win in the future competition, various media forms have to join hands to create a cross-platform media group.


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