Journalism is influenced by audience

Audiences play an important role to support the development of news industry. A quarter of total income of journalism is through subscriptions.

Audiences mainly focus on interesting topic, thus they will only purchase the issue of journal that they interested.

Jean Min said ” the audience is the content “. This means that the requirements of audience will directly decide the content and types of news that are reported.

A large number of audiences pay more attention to entertainment news such as the privacies of stars. Thus, the critical journalism about politics and society cannot attract their interest. In their perspective, those critical reports are irrelevant to their lives. On the other hand, even they know the issues of governments through websites and TV programs, they are powerless for alleviating or solving those problems.

Hence, numbers of media companies and journalists started to revise their news releases and increase entertainment content in order to cater for their audience. 24SWIFT-master768

The responses of readers are important for journalism, especially they are the one who provides the fund for the development of news industry. However, journalism should not mainly focus of the information which audience interested, but also try to indicate the facts which readers should know. The content of news reports also should be decided by the editors and journalists. They should make sure that reporting those information is not senseless.


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