Week5 Funds, Journalism And Journalist

Funds are pretty important to journalism industry. Changes in funding could affect journalistic practice. For example digital journalists need different digital know-hows and traditional job markets are tougher, but has more chances for creating new outlets, etc. There are three main funding sources illustrated by online lecture: donations, sponsors and some traditional media try to fund new journalistic practice.

The example of Global Voices use attracted both donations and sponsors as its funding sources. It has 1200 volunteers around world and translates interesting news to more than 30 languages in 167 countries, it is really a big project. Moreover, Global Voices is a nonprofit foundation and never takes grants from government. In my opinion, it can avoid its news has any political inclination because of government investment.

Also from online lecture, we could find that entrepreneurial journalism can be seen as a new paradigm. DeMasi (2013) considered that this paradigm encourages graduate students and working journalists to become business people. He illustrated that “journalists need not sacrifice core values of independence, truth-telling and impartiality if they choose to become business owners”. These finding provides a lot of inspiration to Journalism student in future career.


Renmin Ribao (People’s Daily) funded by Chinese government and  mainly reports government policies

Most mainstream journalism organisation in China is funded by government, Bob Dietz have raised questions about the freedom of the foreign press in China.

Indeed, according to some research about Chinese Journalist “Chinese Investigative Journalists’ Dreams: Autonomy, Agency, and Voice”, due to the different national conditions, a lot of Chinese journalists and graduates of journalism major are more inclined to enter the government funding journalism organization, because it is more “stable”. However, following the development of society, more and more young Chinese people are willing to express new ideas on different platform. It is really a good trend to Chinese journalism industry.


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