WEEK4 Technology Journalism Should Be Ethical

The main topic of Week4 is Technology Journalism. According to online lecture, there are two perspectives on Journalism. One of them is “ journalism is public goods”. Nodfors (2004) illustrated that “ innovation journalism covers technical, business, legal and political aspects of innovations and innovation systems”. Good innovation journalism even can bring much positive influence to society. The other perspective on journalism is “Journalism is media-business”. Conboy & Steele (2008) claimed that newspapers the primary goal is to attract readers to pay money, rather than news. In my view, I would be more inclined to agree with second perceptive. Because I believe that Journalism has an inseparable relationship between businesses.


The lecture slides said technology is often product focused” and provide some review to new technology product. It means if technology journalism give some positive review to certain product, it may cause more readers become consumers of this product. On the contrary, if technology journalism pointed out many shortcomings of certain product, this product may lose may potential customers. Therefore, the feature of technology journalism need it has to be objective and fair. I have browsed some example of technology journalism from Moodle, such as Mashable and Slashdot.

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus review by Zealer China

In China, it also has many website focus on technology journalism. But some of them often involved in the scandal. For example, many nitizens questioned the Chinese largest technology review platform, Zealer asked for some “bribe” from smartphone manufacturers, if the manufacturers refused to give money, Zealer will be malicious to give negative reviews to these manufacturers’ products. This unethical behavior will affect the interests of manufacturers and the choice of readers. So I think technology journalists should improve their professional ethics, and the government should also increase supervision on technology journalism as well as traditional journalism.



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