Providing service of Personalization by technology  

Joao Romao said that personalise news experience can be provided by technology, it analyses related factors such as reading history location, interests and time available of consumers  to decide which information are users need. So, it can assist users easily to find information.

However, users are limited by this technology. When you research information on some search engines such as google, the results on the website are chosen by the system. For example, individual has different interests, social environment and search history which are recorded in search engines, thus the results may completely different even though two people put some key words on the google. Unfortunately, this technology restricts the probability of finding more information.


Due to convenient, many people linked the same account among various website ,  for example, Facebook, google account. Information are easily leaked when the information in one of these websites are hacked because the personal details are connected among different applications or websites.

For media companies, this is a useful way to increase users by applying technology. In addition, Joao Romao expresses that some companies gain tremendous income from this innovation. Peter Bernstein said that if customers have more well-formed of  information, through evaluating those information, organizations can easily  judge who is the potential customers and provide them a personal service .


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