Female technology journalists should be more treasured

图片1Technology is developing rapidly and has brought the public a significant number of benefits, which attracts the attention of more and more people. Thus, technology journalism has boomed during recent years. However, technology journalism still covers some drawbacks needing to be improved, among which gender differences is extremely outstanding.

It is widely acknowledged that the proportion of female and male reporters in technology industries is seriously unbalanced. The most important reason for this situation is that women are often seen being not as professional as men in this field. This is determined by the requirement of technology journalism that adequate technology experience and background are needed before doing a successful and influential report. However, most males are more interested in technology and have a better understanding of tech industries than female. Therefore, some female journalists who have good technology understanding are often ignored.

In reality, women are capable of making the contribution to tech journalism as well and some even do better than men.

According to Christina Farr that technology reporting is evolving gradually that more and more female are now working as tech journalists. Even the driest and most traditionally male-dominated parts of technology journalism such as development and security have begun to be reported by women.

The participation of female reporters is a good thing for technology journalism as well as the customers of tech news since these female journalists can bring a fresh perspective to technology reporting. As women have begun to play an important role in technology industries, many female reporters want to profile and highlight some great women in the technology industry with a unique and nuanced female perspective. They are more interested in covering those behind technology to represent the culture that drives the development of tech companies.

More talented female technology journalists should be treasured to achieve innovation in technology journalism.


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