Sexism in Technology Industry

In the current technology culture, women are extremely under-represented. The technology journalism audience is often male, and female usually suffered from discrimination. A 2016 study conducted by ‘Elephant in the Valley‘found that 60% of women in technology industry faced sexual discrimination and bias.

In a tech startup pitching contesting at Silicon Valley at the beginning of 2015, a company co-founder and CEO received an amount of catcalling. Although she tried to ignore the unwanted attention, she is still worried about her name or gender might imperil the future funding of the company.

It is not a single case. In the TechCrunch’s annual award show in the same time period, T.J. Miller, the presenter repeatedly called Ms Gabi Holzwarth as “bitch”.

These incidents are the tip of the iceberg of the sexist behaviour in the tech industry.


Silicon Valley Conference for Women on February 24, 2015.

A research director at the Clayman Institute said that the situation that woman are under-represented in the industry encourages the discrimination behaviour and “reinforces the power dynamics between men and women.”

One way to keep the career smooth is to “ignore the slights and oafish comments”, said by Bethanye Blount, the co-founder and CEO of Cathy Labs.

While keeping silence is not the right decision and will not help other female fellows to get the respect and treatment they deserved, said by Recode. Recode indicates a few suggestions for the woman working in the technology industry: continue learning to bring in different voices into your own worldview, and apply the knowledge you have learned to help your female colleagues and “bolster their position in the workplace.”

Female technology journalists are undervalued as well. Although they may bring a unique and nuanced female perspective in techonology reporting, they are disrespected just because of their gender.

Although the process may be slow, women will get what they deserve in the industry one day if they can fight together towards this unfair phenomenon. And people should treasure female worker and journalists in the technology field.



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