Why Technology helps Journalism?

Technology is the most important part in media because as a tool for spreading the message, media has become fast, correct and efficient especially for journalism.

In the past, people always get information slowly, because we only had the newspaper to get the information. Unfortunately, speed is really an important thing for the news, people cannot wait a day to know what happened and a lot of things will be affected because of delay, especially major disaster.1

In 1650, the first of daily newspaper was published. In that time, the newspaper has changed the way of how people get information, people can read the news from another medium. In the early 1950s, television becomes popular in every family, because, it is a fast and clear medium to show information to people.

Now with the developed technology, the Internet becomes a replacement of physical newspaper, and there are many platforms on the Internet, such as Facebook, Weibo and Twitter. These kinds of social media can disseminate information quickly. Most of the journalism have their own website to publish news, but they still trying to join into social media.

Why journalism wants to have official social media home page? Because it can help people to get information immediately even only a sentence or a picture.


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