When people talking about social media, a lot of people will think about web celebrity, this group of people are really active in the social media, what they say or do always can catch people’s eyes.


Now more and more news and journalism try to catch people’s eyes on social media, because social media is a fast way to spread information.

Lots of news on social media has really good responding, we can have discuss online and try to figure out how this issue works. For personal experience, I don’t really like to watch news and journalism, but when I use social media, sometimes I will read some new repost from my friends or some web celebrities I followed. So I will get more news on social media.

On the other hand, interactive is what TV and newspaper have difficulty to achieve, when we see some news on social media we can immediately talk to someone who have read this news one the web, even we did not know each other. As a result, I found an interesting thing about news on social media, when people have more discussion on it, this news will get more attention in the society.1

People can talk anything online because nobody know who they really are, that makes good environment for news and journalism, because they talk anything they want. For people who are shy or not good at communication, they can talk on the social media and make suggestion about the news. So publish journalism or news on social media will be a really good choice.

屏幕快照 2017-03-19 下午6.32.45


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