Several Obvious Features of News Reports in the Social Media Era

Nowadays, social media (e.g., Snapchat, Twitter) are changing at an unprecedented pace. Social media is becoming central to the way people experience news. In the social media and mobile Internet era, the main source of access to information from the traditional radio, television and paper media gradually turned to social media, and information carrier from the TV, computer turned to smart phones. Newspaper has undertaken a far-reaching process of change that is still under way. The strategy has remained rooted in print – increasingly combined with digital services (Schlesinger, P & Doyle, G. 2014). The trend shows that in the event of an incident, people first habit is to pick up the smart phone, through the social media to understand the event consultation.

We can see several obvious features of news reports in the social media era.


Whether it is the traditional media age or social media era, timeliness is always the most critical news elements. Who first mastered the event, the first release of Twitter news, the first to provide complete news, you can first arrived at the user, access to more follow-up. Individuals consume valued social media because it helped them keep up with events and exposed them to a wider range of news and information. You do not need to refresh yourself every hour, news will reach your devices.

Entertainment and Personalization

According to Meikle, three central dimensions of online news are automation, and participation. In the age of news 2.0, you can subscribe your favorite topic, such as music and sports. Even some news website, like ABC News allow readers to choose their favorite section and create special news page. The value of media entertainment is attributed to the ability to satisfy users’ needs for escapism, enjoyment, emotional release, and anxiety relief (McQuail, 2005). For example, after sharing news, individuals may be involved in discussing, gossiping, and having fun of issues that were reported. These would help people relief stress in their busy life.

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In summary, we argue that as social media platforms can foster the development and maintenance of relationships for social media users, news sharing in social media becomes a shared social experience. Twitter, Wechat and Facebook in this area of dynamic shows that the social media platform itself is a super media. Mass users, traditional media and website platform, the three constitute the social media era of news communication components.

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