Week3 Good Or Not?-News in Digital Era

newsonlineFollowing the development of digital technologies, more and more traditional journalism media has made platform revolution. Some print media set up there website or push out digital version of their magazines or newspapers to press news online, and some of them opened accounts on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. At the same time, some mobile application, such as the example on Moodle, Circa was published.

As it were, Journalism cannot leave online platform in this digital information technology generation. To publish and read news online has been a widely accepted way at present. Indeed, news on digital platform brought a lot of advantages to both journalists and news readers, For journalists, online news can attract more readers without location barriers, monitor reader statistics via back-stage management, save cost of print and papers, etc. At the same time, this form of news is more time sensitive and brief, people can read news with their laptops, smart phone anytime and anywhere. In addition, readers can leave their comment online after reading online news, it may be a more interactive experience to them.

However, we also cannot ignore some negative influences caused by news in networked era. In traditional media generation, most of news is serious, and would be edited by professional editors before published. But today, journalists can just upload a photo with a tweet, which are less than 140 words to report breaking news. Even some free-lace writers can write news on their own social media platform without supervision. This situation may reduce the value and facticity of online news.

Therefore, we shouldn’t only thank for the convenience, which brought by news on digital platform, but also learn to identify and filter true and newsworthy online news.


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