Analyzing the impacts of social media

从Social media has become common in people’s daily life with the rapid development of technology. Especially Facebook and Twitter have grown tremendously and captured millions of users in just a few years. It is obvious that social media makes a great contribution to the whole society to enhance life. Although social media brings lots of benefits, it also affects society in the passive way. Disadvantages should not be ignored when benefits are gained.


Social media mainly has negative effects both on physical and mental sides. A considerable number of people, especially teenagers, are addicted to social media, which affects their normal life seriously. This leads to more and more citizens ignore the importance of exercise because of the excessive use of social networking site. Therefore, many health problems such as obesity and eyes problems. What is more, social media does harm mentally to citizens. It is easy to bully online because if a netizen creates a fake account, what he does on the Internet will not be traced and supervised. This is also the reason why so many teenagers have been harmed by cyberbullying these years.  Hence, threats, intimidation messages and rumors can be sent on the internet to arouse chaos and discomfort in the society.

In contrast, one significant benefit of social media is its connectivity. Regardless of location and time, people can connect with each other easily from all over the world to share their experience. Another advantage of social media is that it provides a great convenience to search and acquire information which the user needs. Thus, anyone can know the news happening around the world. Furthermore, social media also makes the businesses profitable and less expensive when online business is adopted.

In conclusion, social media brings much convenience to people’s daily life, whereas its passive effects should not be ignored as well.



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